Wear Your Prayers Collection

Wear Your Prayers

We are so proud to share with you, our beautiful new collection of Mala Bead necklaces, introducing Wear Your Prayers.

Manifest your desires with our beautiful necklaces, designed in-house these necklaces have been handmade in the UK.
Each bead is individually knotted, and the necklace finished with a striking cotton tassel.

These easy to wear, feel-good necklaces are a great addition to your jewellery collection and with a further collection of semi-precious stones to come, now is a perfect time to start your collection!

The Luna Menta brand is all about our love for travel, adventure and our natural world. Our Mala necklaces are inspired by and named after some of our favourite places from around the globe. Places where we have found pure joy, serenity, restored our energy or just found a moment for ourselves. Wherever you find you moment of peace, your Mala necklace will remind you of the calm and focus discovered there. Find your moment with our new collection!

Each necklace is made from 108 semi-precious beads, an anchor/guru bead and a beautiful tassel. 108 is a hugely significant number in Buddhism, Hinduism and the practice of Yoga; where 108 refers to spiritual completion and there are 108 lines of energy converging to create the heart chakras.

Traditionally used to aid meditation these exquisite necklaces are a great reminder of your good intentions. Whether your focus is “I will look for the positive” or “I am enough” our destination Mala necklaces are a great way of staying connected to your goals.