The iBi Foundation

Luna Menta and the iBi Foundation

I am so proud to Partner with the iBi Foundation, as this is something so close to my heart.

Having the greatest love and respect for the Ocean and all the beautiful animals that call it their home, coupled with my never ending love of Ibiza and the balearic Islands this was a cause I just knew I had to support.

About the iBi Foundation

How it all started

Let’s go back to the 2nd of July 2017. On this warm summer day, we sailed on the Mediterranean Sea. We followed a group of beautiful dolphins. And then it happened. We came across something terrible. We stumbled upon a sea turtle fighting for its life. He was stuck in a plastic cloth. We didn’t hesitate at all, not even for a moment, and brought the sea turtle on board. We carefully rescued the animal from the plastic. After this, we released him back into the ocean. The sea turtle was heading towards his freedom again. We gave him a name. We were sailing close to Ibiza. The name iBi was born.

A special and inspiring encounter

It was a beautiful moment. Even though we would never see the sea turtle again. But it was also a moment that made a deep and lasting impression. We just couldn’t get it out of our heads. We wanted to do something with this experience. Or rather: give something back to the world. We decided that from now we would contribute to a clean ocean. And to create awareness about the use of plastic.

Clean up the Mediterranean Sea

After meeting sea turtle iBi, there was one thing we knew for sure. There is way to much plastic in the oceans and something needs to be done about this. Because we rescued iBi in the Mediterranean Sea, we decided that this was the place to start our journey.

Removing plastic from the Mediterranean Sea is the first thing we started to do. Every little bit helps, but there was more that needed to be done. That is why we also began to think about how we could use this experience to do even more. And how we could make others more aware of the use of plastic. The idea for the iBi Foundation was born.

The iBi Foundation

In January 2019, we launched the iBi Foundation. The iBi Foundation is committed to a cleaner ocean around Ibiza and the Balearic Islands. Why do we start there? Because this is where we rescued iBi from the plastic cloth. After this happened, we had no doubt whatsoever: the cleanup had to start there.

And it is high time for the cleaning to start. Currently, around 1,8 trillion pieces of plastic are floating around in our oceans. Think of a garbage patch full of plastic that is larger than France and Spain combined. The iBi Foundation supports various charities and projects that try to do something about this.

Big dreams for the future

The charities and projects that we support with the iBi Foundation clean our oceans and beaches. They try to remove plastic from the oceans and give the marine animals their habitat back. After the encounter with iBi, that is our main motivation. That marine animals such as iBi have a safe home again. That is why we have big dreams for the future.

We already regularly travel to Ibiza to get an idea of the amount of plastic on and around the island. We also go to the ocean to remove as much plastic as possible ourselves. But in our opinion, this is taking way to much time. That is why we have an important goal in mind: to operate a vessel that we can use to remove plastic from the Mediterranean Sea.

An ocean without plastic

We have accepted this challenge and are fully motivated to make the best of it. The iBi Foundation is the result. Together with you, we hope to bring about change. We need your support to do this. Without it, we cannot continue to support the different charities. As long as needed, we hope to start and support projects with the iBi Foundation that help us reach our ultimate goal: an ocean free of plastic.