Meet Deborah

Welcome to Luna Menta, my carefully curated collection of fine gypset jewellery, inspired by the glamour and wanderlust of the bohemian lifestyle.

I’m Deborah Menta, a London-based jewellery buyer with over 25-years-experience in the industry with Harvey Nichols Jewellery department. During my time with Harvey Nichols, I developed close relationships with some of the best-known jewellery designers around the globe, as well as becoming the official jeweller for the BAFTAS and the go-to stylist for a wealth of jewellery-savvy international clients.

Following the passing of my darling mother in 2017, I decided to re-evaluate, leaving the Harvey Nichols Jewellery halls to embark on two years of travel.  Seeking inspiration from other cultures and the beautiful oceans, wildlife and landscapes around the world, my joy for life was re-born and the idea of Luna Menta born with it.

Luna Menta is a purveyor of fine jewellery inspired by the glamour and wanderlust of the bohemian lifestyle. Each collection of handmade jewellery features enchanting elements such as precious gemstones, Tahitian pearls, vintage charms and talismans. All created in collaboration with my favourite artisan jewellery designers. For the most special of occasions to everyday, you will always find the perfect piece.

Luna Menta customers are free-thinking gypsetters who seek out luxury with a conscience. To wear a piece of Luna Menta is to capture the magic of gypset jewellery in a sustainable way, whilst giving back to communities and raising awareness of our incredible planet.

So, enjoy building your own collection of sustainable beauty that really doesn’t cost the earth!