Posidonia Collection

Meadows of Posidonia

Luna Menta and Natasha Dahlberg have collaborated for the exquisite new summer collection Posidonia.

Inspired by the beautiful marine plant that grows in the Mediterranean Sea, meadows of Posidonia are found in Formentera and Ibiza.

These islands are very close to both mine and Natasha’s hearts, Natasha having grown up there and we both spend every summer, with our families and friends there, enjoying the beautiful beaches and the clear waters.

The Collection

The Posidonia collection uses Emeralds, Sleeping beauty Turquoise, Lapis lazuli, Jade and a scattering of ancient beads on 18ct gold.

Each unique piece will bring to life the colours found underneath the sea around these mysterious and enchanted islands.

Save Posidonia

Posidinia plays a vital role in the coastal ecosystem, contributing to maintain the quality and oxygenation of the water by filtering the sediments and giving the waters a unique transparency.

Posidonia is under threat, due to many factors including marine pollution, anchoring of boats whose chains sweep the sea bed, bad fishing practises and climate change.

For each piece sold a percentage of the proceeds will go towards the Save Posidonia Project.

To read more please visit saveposidoniaproject.org