Natasha Dahlberg and Luna Menta

I have known Natasha for almost 20 years when we were drawn together by our love of jewellery and the island of Ibiza.

Her natural way of putting together the most precious natural materials and marrying them with antique charms represents accessible, bohemian luxury.

Natasha’s collection for Luna Menta featuring Tahitian pearls is called Sunken Treasures.

Sunken Treasures

The natural world produces such a beautiful array of precious and semi-precious material that it’s almost impossible to choose.

For me it depends on the mood of a collection; for example, I designed one recently called ‘Sunken Treasures’ where I used natural Tahitian and South sea pearls combined with antique gold charms to create a story.

I enjoy taking materials like diamonds and emeralds which are often handled in a traditional way in jewellery design and making them more approachable and mixing them in unexpected ways.