Tahitian Pearl Charm Necklace


Tahitian pearl necklace on an 18ct gold chain, with 14ct gold diamond star and 9ct gold Vintage charms.

Part of the sunken treasure’s collection.

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Measuring 50cm including the clasp.

Necklace of 11 baroque Tahitian pearls ranging in diameter from 10-14.5mm. one keishi pearl in flower shape and eight vintage 9ct charms. charms include, one coffee pot, one heart, one pair of ballet slippers, one crown, one Rabbit, one magic lamp (that opens), one key, one horn. One silver pave diamond star 13mm at widest part, one silver pave diamond ball 6mm, two gold textured balls on 18ct gold chain.

Please note this necklace has many different carats of gold and charms are antique so are of varying quality. This is the beauty of using vintage and antique elements in a contemporary piece of jewellery, making it both unique and sustainable.

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