Pig Zodiac Animal Pendant


The Pig: Loving, tolerant, honest and appreciative of luxury

A forever keepsake zodiac pendant, this collection is very dear to our hearts and is handmade in London with love and each piece is totally unique.

The necklace features a carved Jade pendant with sun/moon and star charms on a gold fill chain with precious ruby and turquoise beads.

Stunning vibrant green Jade known for its healing properties, Ruby for health and success, Turquoise for luck & protection.
Wears yours year round to symbolise your spirit animal!

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Pendant measures approx 4cms, Chain measures 51 cms/20 inches.

Carved Jade pendant the colour is enhanced. Ruby and turquoise beads are natural colour and not dyed. Chain and pendants are gold fill, which is the best option after solid gold for quality and durability.

It is excellent for people with sensitive skin or allergies.

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