Mellow in Montauk Necklace


Fire Agate Mala necklace with Tibetan Prayer bead, khaki cotton tassel and tiny crescent moon accent.

Fire Agate is a protective and grounding stone with a calming energy. It is said to build a protective shield around the body, deflecting harm and negativity, reflecting it back to its source.
It stimulates energy and life force and is said to increase sexual vitality and libido.
Aligned to the Root and Sacral Chakras.

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108 semi precious beads, hand knotted in between each bead, with an accent bead.
Tibetan Prayer bead is handmade from brass, white agate, coral and turquoise resin.
Handmade cotton tassel.
Measures approximately 54cms from the top of the necklace to the bottom of the tassel, laying flat.
Beads are 6mm

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