Iset Kimono Silk in Charcoal


“Oh Goddess, help me believe the truth about myself no matter how beautiful it may be.”

This kimono is dedicated to The Goddess ISET (known to many this day as ISIS – a name that was adopted to her by the Roman’s). She is here calling to each one of us to truly embody ourselves as the goddess – to treat ourselves and one another with this kind of respect and adoration. The two snakes on the the arms of the Kimono represent the Ida and Pingala – the two sacred snakes of the Kundalini life force that live in all of us. Furthermore, the Serpent Siddhis of ISET harness spiritual energy and provide magical and miraculous healing and accelerated transformations in consciousness. The wings are a depiction of her magical falcon wings of love on the sleeves and for them to be noticeable when your arms are spread out wide ready to embrace others and this world with all of the magic, miracles, prayer and love that you could possibly give.

Each silk kimono includes a matching silk belt, enabling versatile use as a bathrobe. As a symbol of abundance, the kimono is adorned with 7 Swarovski Crystals along the neckline.

Size options include XS/S and S/M, with the sole distinction being the length. A S/M size is approximately 6-9 cm longer, with our aim set at 7.5 cm. Given the hand-painted and hand-made nature of the product, please allow for a 1.5 cm variation.

We invite you to cherish your ISET Kimono Luxe and uncover the divine goddess within. Trust your inner guidance, and let this garment be your conduit to a deeper connection with your true self.

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Crafted from 100% Silk, each piece is a labor of love, meticulously hand-painted and hand-screened. This Kimono, which can also be worn as a Bathrobe, is proudly produced as a sustainable product – meaning there is ZERO waste when we produce it as we design the patterns so that it does not have any material off-cuts.

Care instructions:

For best results, hand washing is advised. If hand washing, use only minimal amounts of detergent and do not soak for longer than one hour. After rinsing in fresh water, dry the item flat in a shaded area away from direct sunlight to avoid fading. Steaming is the preferred method for cleaning, otherwise, iron inside out on the appropriate setting for the material, using a handkerchief between the material and the iron to avoid scold marks. Lightly spray with water prior to ironing for best results.

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S/M (UK 10-16), XXS (UK 6-8)